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Through the Floor Lifts

Stiltz Home Lifts are a range of Home Lifts specifically designed for light, domestic-level commercial use. 

The Stiltz range of lifts are uniquely compact with their small footprints, the smallest of which is the Duo, needing just 0.55M2 of floor space. They also have an unrivalled ability to fit into almost any space, including areas such as staircase voids.

With their dual rail technology in place, Stiltz lifts do not need a load-bearing wall or significant structural work. The weight of the lift car is carried by a self-contained motor drive system that uses steel rope to move between floors. All Stiltz lifts use this unique drive system, instead of hydraulics or any external mechanism. Meaning the lift is very quiet and makes less noise than most standard stairlifts.

Through the floor lifts

The Stiltz Home Lifts are also incredibly energy efficient, with every model able to plug into a standard 13amp socket and using the same amount of energy as it takes to boil a kettle.

Stiltz Home Lifts come in two ranges depending on the size and usage need. The Duo range is suitable for up to two persons travelling comfortably between floors. The Trio range is slightly larger, yet still compact, that are wheelchair accessible and can carry a standard-sized wheelchair or rollator.

There are different models available within both ranges of the lift. All Stiltz lifts are elegantly designed so they include subtle in-car lighting and have clean, contemporary lines suitable for any office environment. They also come with a full range of safety features to ensure safe travel for all passengers at all times. 

Through the floor lifts
Through the floor lifts
Through the floor lifts

Homelifts Features & Benefits

Small Footprint

Small Footprint

The Duo+ footprint is a remarkably small 0.55m2. The slightly larger Trio+ footprint will accommodate a full-sized wheelchair and has a footprint of 1.25m2.

Quiet Travel icon

Quiet Travel

Powered by a self-contained, electric drive motor which is completely hidden away in the lift car roofspace. There are no noisy hydraulics with a Stiltz Homelift.

Fast installation icon

Fast Installation

Standard installations can take as little as one day once the ceiling aperture has been created by a qualified builder.

Economical to Use

Economical to Use

A Stiltz Homelift plugs into a single, standard 13-amp domestic power socket – just like any other domestic appliance. When running, it uses no more power than if you were to switch your toaster on.

Unique Dual Rail System

Unique Dual Rail System

It’s what makes a Stiltz Homelift so wonderfully versatile; our self-supporting structure of two parallel, vertical rails bear the entire load of the lift. No additional burden is placed on the structure of your home.

Compact Drive System

Compact Drive System

Our unique, self-contained drive system is cleverly concealed in a single space within the roof area of the lift car. No need for additional bulky plant rooms or other machinery.

Automatic Door (Trio+ Model)

Automatic Door (Trio+ Model)

To make entry and exit more straightforward for wheelchair users or customers with limited mobility, the Trio+ has an automatic door available as an optional extra.

Wide Entry / Exit icon

Wide Entry/Exit (Trio+ Model)

Wheelchair users will find the wide entry and exit points of the new Trio+ particularly useful when manoeuvring their chair in confined spaces.

Ease access icon

Easy Access (Trio+ Model)

For safety and comfort, the Trio+ comes with a gently-angled ramp to enable more convenient entry for wheelchair users and those unable to manage steps.

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