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Jennie Berry

Jennie Berry

Disability Social Media Influencer
Wheelie Good Life

As a full time wheelchair user, Jennie uses her platform to raise awareness on a number of issues within the disabled community. Through video and visual content, Jennie documents her day to day life online to highlight both physical issues and the way she is perceived by society.

Sitting on over 30,000 followers collectively within her channels, Jennie uses her online presence to pose questions, get people thinking, and break down the traditional barriers that disabled people come to face on a daily basis. We met Jennie through one of her LinkedIn posts, which touched upon the topic of disabled employment and how she was struggling to get past application stage when disclosing a disability.

We struck up a relationship through a number of Zoom calls throughout Covid 19 and realised that we share many of the same passions and values! We are hoping to work together in the near future on our social media and marketing.