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Curved Stairlift – Infinity Stairlift

The Infinity Stairlift has been designed to fit almost any curved stairlift and combines supreme comfort with efficient design and effortless styling. Manufactured using the highest quality components, the Infinity Stairlift works on a twin rail system that can be used on either side of your staircase, giving you a variety of start and finish options.

  • The Infinity Stairlift Key Features
  • Ergonomic Flexible Joystick – Effortless directional control, even for people who have limited dexterity.
  • Electronic Keyswitch – Complete security from any unwanted users.
  • Seatbelt – Easy-to-use seatbelt offering the user added safety and comfort.
  • Sensitive Safety Edges – Enabling the Stairlift to stop safely should something obstruct the Stairlift.
  • Battery Powered – The Infinity Stairlift works even during a power cut. It charges automatically so the chair is always ready to use.
  • Comfort Seating – Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. You can even choose a different colour as there are various choices available.
  • Swivel Lever – A simple lever on both sides of the stairlift enables you to easily turn the seat. There’s even a powered option available should you need a little assistance.
  •  Footrest Lever – No more awkward bending to lower and raise the footrest with this handy lever and once again there’s even a powered option available to help should you need it.


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For further information please watch the video below to see how easy the Infinity Stairlift is to operate.

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