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We work with businesses in Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire

Our Vision

We aim to make Berkshire and the surrounding Counties, much more accessible and inclusive for all.


By informing local businesses of “The Equality Act 2010”, the Disability Act 1995 and how being more inclusive is both a legal and moral obligation.

By dispelling the preconception, that stairlifts and through the floor lifts are big, beige and ridiculously expensive.

By creating a free, local business “access for all directory” working with the local communities to identify accessible places to work, visit and frequent.

By introducing a huge market of potential customers and clients. 22% of the population are disabled and even more are less-able bodied. Being accessible friendly is a win-win to both businesses and the community, resulting in an improved bottom line for all.

Our team at Berkshire Stairlifts are fortunate enough to be naturally enthusiastic about the importance of access for all. Given the number of years we have supported people in their own homes, we figured it was time to help make the local businesses, equally accessible.

This project is filled with genuine passion and support for our local counties. The truth of the matter is though, regardless of how passionate we are, it is the Law.

You cannot wait until a disabled or less able-bodied person would like to use your services or apply for a role with you. Through extensive research and networking, it became apparent that so many people just “accept” that their needs cannot be met as a customer or they cannot apply for that job role, due to nothing other than a set of stairs.

Imagine being that business, that people just “know” they cannot comfortably visit? Alternative method to meet you and receive the same service. This is a shame for everyone, a shame for those customers who feel excluded and less important, a shame for the businesses who are excluding a huge percentage the community and let’s face it potential paying customers.

Our solutions aim to make local people feel proud to live and work in an accessible community, comfortable to recommend businesses to others for work and custom.

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